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          What green alternatives are there to natural gas for cooking?

          By , June 25, 2014

          Nothing’s wrong with natural gas, but I have to design an eco-house as a project in my environmental science class and I was wondering if there was anything better that could be used, since natural gas is a limited resource.

          3 Responses to “What green alternatives are there to natural gas for cooking?”

          1. Kim R says:

            What’s wrong with using natural gas for cooking? That’s what I use, plus it heats my home AND my cars actually run on it instead of gasoline, which pollutes the air much more than natural gas does. I guess you could build a solar cooker, but you better hope for lots of sun and it will take quite a while to get anything cooked well.

          2. musicimprovedme says:

            Natural gas is a really green way to cook. You are in direct control of how much gas is used.

            If you have electric in the kitchen, it helps to use some green power like solar or wind to generate your electricity. That is for whole house energy savings.

            Also there are induction burners that use a very small amount of electricity to activate magnets that generate heat in your pan. The burner itself doesn’t even get hot, so all the energy spent goes directly into heating your food.

            You also might choose to use a small appliance like a crock pot or toaster oven rather than turning on the big oven. If you only want one baked potato…nuke it. These use less energy, and keep the heat near the food instead of heating up the large area of the oven.

          3. ssrvj says:

            (1) if there is enough Sunlight in the place you live you can design direct Sun light cooking–Dark surfaces absorbes heat (Infra red) from sun light and it is used for cooking .Scientists in National Physical Laboratories(NPL) New Delhi(India) -when Dr.K.S.Krishnan was the Director-have designed such a cooking device,way back in 1960s succeeefully–you may communicate with them.
            (2) Natural Gas(Fossil fuels) will become a “museum exibit” in another 50 years(by 2060).Unless we do find alternate sources of Energy by that time,enrgy crisis would be a big problem.
            (3) Atomic Energy is a plausible alternative.But radiation hazards( remember Chernoble-USSR) and disposal of Nuclear waste(the radiation will last for 1000s of years in “Spent Nuclear fuel”(very long half-life periods) are very big International head-aches-man created “monsters” and preserve them safely for 1000s of years. Conventional alternative energies are better

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