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          If I get a degree will my electrician salary go up?

          By , May 15, 2010

          i decided to get out of the university even though i was doing really well to become an electrician because i was studying electrical engineering but that job is mostly designing and i am more of the hands on type, so im gonna enroll in an electrician program at my community college. Im still debating whether to, once i do become an electrician and have a job, go back to the university half time and get a bachelors in mathematics. If i do get a bachelors would my current salary as an electrician go up?

          3 Responses to “If I get a degree will my electrician salary go up?”

          1. maggikate says:

            Typically an electrician is paid according to his certification level. Unless your bachelors degree includes these certifications, then it won’t make much difference.

            Find a certified electrician and see what he can tell you.

          2. ownpool says:

            Ask your employer. No one else knows.

          3. CoachT says:


            You get paid to do a job. Electricians make a certain range of pay based solely on being an electrician. But, many employers prefer managers and supervisors to have a bachelor’s degree.

            The bachelor’s degree wouldn’t earn you more as an electrician but it might make it possible for you to become a supervisor/manager or a specialized electrician – any of which tend to earn more than the people they supervise.

            Having a bachelor’s degree would also better prepare you to run your own business as an electrical contractor if you decided to go in that direction. Very often, people that run their own business earn more than the people they hire.

            But, people with a bachelor’s in mathematics don’t usually become electricians. That degree has a strong general value though in many fields (electrical engineering being one).

            The direct answer: no, electricians don’t get an automatic pay raise just for having a bachelor’s degree. But, the degree might be required for more advanced positions (which pay more).

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