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          Does getting into an Electrician Apprenticeship cost anything?

          By , June 1, 2010

          Does it make a difference rather you go into a Community Tech College first or not? Can you become a Certified Technician just from taking college classes and not going into an apprenticeship? Can you go into only an apprenticeship and get certified without going into college?

          2 Responses to “Does getting into an Electrician Apprenticeship cost anything?”

          1. zz09g says:

            I believe you must go to technical college and also serve an apprenticeship. It is very hard to get an apprenticeship if you do not go to school. Who knows though now days, where I live there are illegal immigrants working for electrical contractors. I would just get a college degree in electrical engineering if I were you. I will be harder for them to take that job away.

          2. TheElectrician says:

            Follow the link below and you’ll come to a site that has all the info you need about the electrical trade.

            Good Luck!


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